Domestic Pipeline Services

Leak Location

We are able to use both traditional methods such as the listening stick and state of the equipment to accurately pinpoint leaks on your pipes. These leaks can then be repaired by the same multi skilled technicians 'find and fix'.

Pipe Renewal

Sometimes a leaking pipe is not accessible or may be in such poor condition that repair is not the best solution. You may want to replace an old lead or galvanised iron pipe for a new clean and trouble free plastic one.

We can lay new pipes using 'moleing' technology which causes less disruption and mess than open cut trenching and even works out cheaper.

Where 'moleing' is not possible we can also lay pipes in open cut trenching using mechanical excavation.

Plumbing/ Building and Groundwork

We are able to offer a comprehensive plumbing, building and groundwork service for any size project whether it is a domestic extension or commercial site work.


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