Commercial Pipeline Services

Leak Location

We have an excellent record of success on network leak detection and use both traditional methods such as the listening stick and state of the equipment such as leak noise correlators to accurately pinpoint leaks on your pipes. These leaks can then be repaired by the same multi skilled technicians 'find and fix'.


We are able to repair any size pipe from a 1/2 inch service to a 12 inch main providing the pipe is in good enough condition.

Meter Installation

Installation of water meters has many advantages. Its a useful tool in identifying areas of leakage, wastage or high usage. Once these areas have been identified then remedial action can be implemented. this can range from leak detection and repair to conservation methods to minimise unnecessary usage of water. 'Payback' periods resulting from lower water bills are usually weeks and months not years.

Pressure and Flow Logging

Using real time logging we can establish an accurate picture of where your water is going and when. This is a useful tool in optimising your network and in identifying areas of cost saving.

Water Audits

By performing an audit we can identify areas in which often small adjustments or implementing some relatively cheep water saving devices can make significant cost savings.


Conserving water is not only going to save you money on your water bills but in an age where we face a finite clean water supply it is the ethical thing to do.


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